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5 Big Time Safety Risks for the Big Game

What’s your plan for Sunday’s big game? Whether you are throwing a party with friends or throwing touchdowns like Tom Brady, there are risks for the battle of the pigskin. Insurance makes the game of games happen and customizing insurance needs for the stadium, players and even armchair quarterbacks can protect from unforeseen threats. So what does it take to insure one of the biggest events of the year? Here are five insurance safety risks for Super Sunday inside and outside of the stadium.   Out of Town Visitors Attention Minnesota residents looking for a little extra cash! Homeowner’s policies […]

Business Insights to Give You a Competitive Advantage

Silicon Valley – Where Tech Meets . . . Insurance? Apple, Google, Facebook. When you think of these companies we doubt insurance pops into your mind. But in Silicon Valley, insurance is undergoing, let’s call it a “makeover”. An organization called Plug and Play has an insurance vertical program connecting startups from around the world to companies and investors. So what is coming out of these connections which could impact your life in the near future? Heard of Airbnb or Lyft? Most of us are utilizing these sharing services for travel and transport but what happens if there is an […]

Workplace Safety for Part-Time Student Employees

A staggering 70 percent of undergrads set aside time to work during the school year, and with good reason. With living expenses and tuition bills to foot, students can use the extra money and are often eager to accept temporary jobs. Businesses near campuses, like restaurants, fitness centers, tutoring facilities, or retail stores actively recruit college students for part-time jobs. Why? Because students are an ideal fit for part-time employment, especially for seasonal positions that offer minimal and flexible hours.  Regardless of their age or number of shifts worked, student employees are still the responsibility of their managers. Should something […]

Turkey Fryer Fires: Make Sure the Turkey is All You Fry!

Thanksgiving is arguably one of the most favored holidays in American culture and widely celebrated. And what’s not to love? Spending an entire day relaxing with family, friends and football and ending with a tryptophan-induced nap is a tradition in many households. Even businesses are getting in on the fun and having Thanksgiving celebrations in the office to celebrate with staff and clients. In any of these events, the turkey is the star of the show and to produce the best turkey in the shortest time possible many amateur cooks are turning to turkey fryers.