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5 Big Time Safety Risks for the Big Game

What’s your plan for Sunday’s big game? Whether you are throwing a party with friends or throwing touchdowns like Tom Brady, there are risks for the battle of the pigskin. Insurance makes the game of games happen and customizing insurance needs for the stadium, players and even armchair quarterbacks can protect from unforeseen threats. So what does it take to insure one of the biggest events of the year? Here are five insurance safety risks for Super Sunday inside and outside of the stadium.   Out of Town Visitors Attention Minnesota residents looking for a little extra cash! Homeowner’s policies […]

What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

Property owners often contract with property management firms to provide various services such as seeking tenants, collecting rents, maintaining premises, providing financial services and optionally, providing primary insurance.

The Changing View of Office Space

With advancements in technology and uncertainty surrounding the economy and workforce, there are significant changes to the way businesses are looking to occupy and utilize office space.

Don’t Get Soaked! Water Damage is a Building Owner’s Major Exposure

Property owners incur billions of dollars in losses each year in water damage claims. Water damage can affect many physical, operational and financial aspects of your property. Beyond the obvious damage to the building’s structure and electrical/HVAC systems, a water-related incident can impact your tenants’ operations as well.

An Inside Look at Property Managers & Real Estate Insurance

The role of professional property management has evolved over time. In its early form, responsibilities included finding tenants, collecting rents, paying utilities, charging a fee and remitting the remainder to the owner. Modern day professional property managers, however, have a more demanding agenda.

Landlords: Are Your Tenants Protecting You From Their Third Party Claims?

According to AM Best, the line of insurance at highest risk for loss to a real estate owner is liability. As a landlord, you do not have total control over the condition of a tenant’s premises or how they operate their business. This exposes you to potential risk of property damage or liability from exposures presented by the tenant. Risk transfer is one helpful solution.