The Commercial Line

What’s the Deal with Cyber Liability?

By now, most people in the insurance industry have heard of cyber liability. Cyber liability is the risk posed by conducting business via the Internet, other networks, or by using electronic storage technology.

A Brief History of Insurance Regulation

Regulation of the insurance industry has a long and diverse history that continues to evolve to this day. This article attempts to provide a very high-level view of some of the historical highlights.

Why Companies Should Invest in Employee Health and Wellness

Employees form the heart and soul of your company. A healthy, happy team will propel your business forward into a successful, productive future.

To best serve the needs of your workforce, we suggest you create a custom wellness program, tailored to your company mission, values and community.

Westfield Insurance Launches The Commercial Line

Welcome to The Commercial Line, the newest blog hosted by Westfield Insurance. Westfield’s The Commercial Line will cover commercial insurance industry topics and trends such as news, events, education, claims, risk mitigation, and typical areas of customer uncertainty. Westfield plans to utilize this platform to immerse, and further educate, industry consumers and experts on the inner workings of commercial insurance.