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Top Ten Reasons Small Businesses are the Heartbeat of our Communities

Do you remember when you were a kid and thought you could do anything? As children, we dream of the happily ever after. How were we to know that happily ever after was within reach due to our own hustle, sacrifice and dedication? Small business owners, like you, have changed the way we think about what is possible. Even when things are tough, your vision stays clear.  You are an entrepreneur, an innovator, and most importantly, you support the vitality of our communities. This week is your week as we recognize National Small Business Week. To all the small businesses […]

Preventing Smartphone Hacking: Cyber Insurance

Your phone can be compromised in a surprising number of ways. Because mobile phones are so valuable to hackers, new exploits are always being discovered. Here are a few of the most frequent dangers and what you can do to protect yourself against them.Taking risks never stopped you. Do not let the emerging vulnerabilities of smartphones by hackers affect your business. What hackers value The device itself: Your data can be wiped, the device reset, resold and reactivated. Thieves are getting better at taking phones apart and reassembling them into new phones to sell. Your data: Your phone is likely […]

Travel Threats on Your Way to the Gold: Foreign Travel

The Winter Olympics in South Korea are upon us and more than 800,000 tickets to the games have already been sold! With the influx of visitors, unfortunately unforeseen travel threats rise as well. While PyeongChang, and South Korea as a whole, have a low crime rating according to The U.S. State Department, visitors still should be aware of their surroundings. The most prevalent crimes are pick-pocketing and theft from hotel rooms. Whether you are heading to PyeongChang or traveling to another country in 2018, follow these tips to enjoy the games or your trip.   Stealing the Gold: Theft One […]

3 Types of Cyber Attacks & How to Prevent Them

Taking risks never stopped you before. As a business owner, you took the risk to start and continually invest in your business. Don’t let the threat of cyber attacks compromise your business. By taking preventative measures against the following typical cyber attacks, you can rest easy knowing you have done what is necessary to limit an attack on your own business. “Your Computer is Infected!” – Unfamiliar Caller One of the most common threats is a call from a “so-called” technician claiming your computer has a virus. The tech goes on to say by paying a simple $400 payment; they […]

Business Insights to Give You a Competitive Advantage

Silicon Valley – Where Tech Meets . . . Insurance? Apple, Google, Facebook. When you think of these companies we doubt insurance pops into your mind. But in Silicon Valley, insurance is undergoing, let’s call it a “makeover”. An organization called Plug and Play has an insurance vertical program connecting startups from around the world to companies and investors. So what is coming out of these connections which could impact your life in the near future? Heard of Airbnb or Lyft? Most of us are utilizing these sharing services for travel and transport but what happens if there is an […]

How to Prevent Utility Line Damage: What is 811?

Whether you’re a business owner installing lawn signage or digging in your own backyard, you never know what lies beneath the surface. Tasks such as landscaping, structure installation or any other project that requires digging can easily interfere with a utility line that lies underground. The tricky part is that oftentimes these lines are not marked, leaving residents and building owners guessing where they can dig. The good news is even with underground utility lines, you can still complete your digging project by calling 811 to learn where, exactly, lines are on your property.   What Are Your Risks When […]

Lightning Damage: How to Prepare & Protect Your Business

One strike and your business could be out. One strike of lightning, that is. Lightning can pose a serious risk for your business and employees. In fact, nearly 25 million cloud-to-ground lightning strikes occur in the United States each year, resulting in damage or fatalities. Globally, there are nearly 1.4 billion flashes of lightning per year. These powerful bolts can cause serious property damage ranging from fires to power outages, to damage to electrical systems, power lines and communication systems. Before your business becomes another statistic, learn what you can do to protect your property, employees and assets from the […]

Hurricane Irma: Preparedness is Key

Hurricane Harvey has been a stern reminder the devastation hurricanes can leave behind.  Now, with Irma threatening, there’s a small, yet crucial, window of opportunity to prepare and mitigate damage. Protect Your Property Due to the financial magnitude of loss and time spent on repairs, 25 percent of businesses do not reopen following a major disaster according to Claims Journal.  Protecting your property goes a long way to securing what is inside. Trim or remove damaged trees and limbs on your property. Secure loose gutters and unclog as necessary. Lock storm shutters. If you do not own shutters, purchase plywood […]

How to control your business risk

As the owner of a small to mid-sized business, you may believe your risks are limited – that only large companies need to be concerned about addressing potential risk. But businesses of every size face risks, and failing to identify and control them could put your business at serious risk.

Theft of contractors’ equipment

For contractors, theft is one of the leading causes of equipment losses. Every year, the National Crime Information Center receives between 600 and 1,200 reports of equipment theft, with an estimated average cost of $17,400 per piece stolen.