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Travel Threats on Your Way to the Gold: Foreign Travel

The Winter Olympics in South Korea are upon us and more than 800,000 tickets to the games have already been sold! With the influx of visitors, unfortunately unforeseen travel threats rise as well.

While PyeongChang, and South Korea as a whole, have a low crime rating according to The U.S. State Department, visitors still should be aware of their surroundings. The most prevalent crimes are pick-pocketing and theft from hotel rooms.

Whether you are heading to PyeongChang or traveling to another country in 2018, follow these tips to enjoy the games or your trip.


Stealing the Gold: Theft

One of the most common crimes impacting tourists in South Korea is theft. As a visitor, you will be a prime target for stealthy pick-pockets. To minimize the risk of theft:

  1. Avoid flashing money or jewelry especially in crowds.
  2. Travel in groups and be aware of surroundings.
  3. Do not wear bright colors, you want to blend in.
  4. Do not walk on beaches or parks after dark.

Skeleton Key to Your Data: Credit Card Skimming and Cyber Attacks

South Korea continues to be a world leader in internet connectivity and technology. While this is great for travelers looking to get online, it also poses an ever increasing risk of cyber-crime.  Foreign Cyber

  1. Be wary of phishing schemes; do not click on links from strangers.
  2. Do not connect to free public Wi-Fi it could be a hacker attempting to access your private information.
  3. Only bring a few credit cards for ease of tracking.
  4. Make sure you get your card back before leaving restaurants and save receipts to double check charges.
  5. Report stolen cards immediately.
  6. Notify your credit card company before travelling.

Prevent Stomach Curling: Food-borne Illness

Taking in the unique, local cuisine of a foreign country tends to be at the top of any visitor’s list. While these delicacies can be delicious it is best to exercise caution when experimenting with your palette.

  1. Avoid raw food when possible. If trying raw seafood, make sure to only eat at restaurants you have done your homework on.
  2. Frequent hand washing prevents illness.
  3. Avoid street vendors and if you do eat at one make sure the vendor is wearing gloves, and has access to hand washing stations.

Speeding Skating to the Hospital: Illness and Injury

If you do end up at the hospital for any reason, be aware another countries claims and payment process may vary from the United States.

  1. Keep all paperwork.
  2. Look into a travel medical plan.
  3. Be as specific as possible with previous illnesses, allergies and family history.

Remember to be aware of your surroundings. Pre-arrange your transit and keep a low profile. At the end of the day; have fun, be safe and enjoy the games!


For information regarding proper travel coverage for various scenarios, contact your local independent agent.

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