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Preventing Smartphone Hacking: Cyber Insurance

Your phone can be compromised in a surprising number of ways. Because mobile phones are so valuable to hackers, new exploits are always being discovered. Here are a few of the most frequent dangers and what you can do to protect yourself against them.Taking risks never stopped you. Do not let the emerging vulnerabilities of smartphones by hackers affect your business.

What hackers value

  • The device itself: Your data can be wiped, the device reset, resold and reactivated. Thieves are getting better at taking phones apart and reassembling them into new phones to sell.
  • Your data: Your phone is likely linked to your email, financial accounts and other personal records. Armed with your smartphone, a hacker could access your banking or cryptocurrency accounts by resetting your email password or receiving a secure pin via text.


Lost or Stolen Phones: Preparation and Response

  • Phone-tracking app–the best apps can  track to within feet of where the phone is located. If your phone has been stolen, report the theft and device location to the police.  Do not attempt to recover the phone from the perpetrator on your own. Cyber Attack - Suite
  • Secure your phone with a password, swipe code or passphrase–use the highest level of security your phone allows. Consider setting the security settings to wipe the data on the phone after a certain number of password tries.
    • Many of us forget or mistype our passwords from time to time. In this case, an excessive number of password tries might be 10.
  • Carrier Notification: If you lose your phone or it’s stolen, notify your carrier right away and wipe the phone data if you’re sure you can’t retrieve it.


Everyone can lose or have their phone stolen. The costs of it can be enormous. Want to further your security? Consider cyber risk insurance. Westfield’s Cyber Suite provides coverage through experienced, third-party resources to provide the support you need to defend your business or cover settlement costs.

To find out if this may be for you talk to a Westfield Agent today.


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