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Signature Series Tailored to Customers Needs

Post written by: Mike Vettel

Do your customers have needs in specialized industries?

Do you own your own business and want to be insured by a carrier that knows your industry?

Westfield has a solution for you and it’s called Signature Series. The Westfield Signature Series takes you beyond traditional insurance and provides comprehensive coverages tailored to meet your needs. These products are designed to provide protection against risks specific to particular businesses.

How do we select the industries we support with Signature Series?

When we develop a Signature Series product, you can count on the following:

  • SignatureSeriesWe understand the industry well.
  • We will provide ongoing sector support.
  • We want to be considered a “go to” market for this industry or type of risk.
  • We know there is opportunity in the marketplace.
  • We expect greater performance from this business.

How does Westfield provide ongoing support for these sectors?

We currently support six industries with our Signature Series products:

To monitor these industries and keep our products up-to-date, we assign a business sector manager from our Commercial Underwriting Office (CUO) to each supported industry.

Marketing Materials

Westfield Insurance offers brochures and sell sheets to help you better understand the product and coverages offered.

Collated marketing kits are available for each program and contain a pocket folder brochure, customer letter and coverage insert(s) detailing program coverages and limits. One page sell sheets provide a quick and easy format to share features and benefits of our Signature Series programs. They are great sales tools for agents as they talk to prospective customers and a useful resource for customers.

Agents can order a free supply of marketing materials by logging on to Agents’ Web Passport (AWP). If you’re a business owner and would like more information on these products, ask your independent insurance agent about Signature Series and how this program can meet your needs.



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